DJI Mini 2 Case, Consumer Reports Top Rated

Drone flight not only requires drones but also requires the cooperation of many drone accessories. With so many great accessories to choose from, you need a safe way to carry all your DJI gear, and here's the DJI mini 2 case.

Part 1: Product Description

charging dji spark

The much-anticipated updated lightweight charmer from DJI is here. The Mini 2 DJI Fly More Set comes with a standard small zippered case for limited protection and minimal storage space. We've created a very compact case that provides excellent protection for the conditions your Mini 2 encounters on your adventures. Water-jet precision cutting with closed-cell foam that prevents water and dust from penetrating.

Designed to carry all your mini drone accessories, the mini 2 case DJI is effortlessly stylish and perfect for any sports outfit of your choice. Form doesn't come at the expense of function. The carrying case can hold a Mavic Mini drone, remote control, and multiple accessories (memory card, data cable, mobile phone, etc., and up to 5 batteries or original charger). The middle order is equipped with a small storage bag for storing small parts such as memory cards and card readers (thickness ≤ 10mm).

Mini 2 case DJI is specially designed for the DJI Mavic Mini 2 Combo Bag, it can also carry the propeller guard, so it provides a total solution for your carrying needs, soft and easy to carry.

Part 2: Product Features

best dji mini 2 case

1. EVA hard shell design, wear-resistant nylon fabric

EVA hard shell design to protect your device safely and effectively. Abrasion-resistant nylon fabric increases durability and longevity.

2. Use custom partitions

There are soft custom partitions inside, which can realize custom partition storage more conveniently and quickly.

3. Small size but large capacity

The top cover and middle single are equipped with small storage bags, which can store batteries, data cables, memory cards, filters and other accessories as needed.

4. Simple and stylish

5. With a hidden handle, easy to carry

Part 3: Product Details

dji mini 2 case

1. Designed to carry DJI Mini 2 drone, controller, battery, charging hub, propeller guard, and other accessories

2. Protect your DJI Mini 2 drone from scratches and impacts.

3. Made of canvas and soft EVA, durable and waterproof.

4. With hand strap, easy to carry outdoors.

5. Color: Black

6. Size: 27*23*13cm

7. Net weight: 600Gm

Part 4: Product Compatibility

DJI Mavic Mini
DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 is DJI's most powerful portable drone, the perfect companion for your life and travel. But for ultimate portability and protection, you'll need a bag or case to hold the drone and its accessories. The DJI Mini 2 case is the perfect accessory for your drone, it provides great protection for your device.

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